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Kory is A NATIONAL SPEAKER who empowers audiences to MASTER THEIR FEARS so they can TRANSFORM THEIR LIVES.

Meet Kory

USA TODAY bestselling author Kory M. Shrum has published more than thirty books and is the host of two podcasts: “Who Killed My Mother?” and “A Well Cared For Human.”


Before founding her own independent publishing company, Timberlane Press, she was an educator for more than ten years, teaching writing and communication courses to thousands of university students.


Her current focus is busting self-care myths, empowering others to heal, and showing entrepreneurs how to chase dreams without losing themselves.


Her humorous and open-hearted speaking style is perfect for guiding others to connect with their resilience, vision, creativity, and joy.


She would love the chance to connect with you and to serve your community.

What The Audience Loves

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Example Keynotes

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Coming 2024!

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Are you looking for Kory's books? They're here.

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