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Kory is deeply passionate about sharing her story and wellness journey with others in hopes they can also heal their relationship with themselves. If you'd like Kory to speak at your in-person or virtual event, please contact her for details and availability.

Meet Kory.


She speaks about how her mother's murder changed the course of her life and her business, pushing her to rebuild her relationship with herself and discover what wellness really means. Her talks inspire and motivate audiences as well as provide the tools and roadmap needed to achieve the deep personal transformation we each long for.


Kory is best suited for inspirational keynotes and is open to speaking at a variety of venues, including universities, libraries, conferences, bookstores, and more. She would love the chance to connect with you and your community.

Why Kory chose to become a speaker

Kory introduces the four pillars of wellness

Episode 1 of Who Killed My Mother?

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Kory M. Shrum is author of over twenty-five books, including her memoir, Who Killed My Mother?  And is the owner and founder of Timberlane Press.


In 2020, she launched a true crime podcast “Who Killed My Mother?”, sharing the true story of her mother’s tragic death. You can listen for free on YouTube or your favorite podcast app.


When not writing, eating, reading, or indulging in her true calling as a stay-at-home dog mom, she can usually be found under thick blankets with snacks. The kettle is almost always on.


She lives in Michigan with her equally bookish wife, Kim, and their rescue pug, Charley. 

You can learn more about Kory's books

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