This is a true story.


On July 4, 2020 Kory Marie received two phone calls. One from her uncle, saying her mother was found dead in her bedroom from an overdose.

A second from a homicide detective saying he believes it was murder - and her uncle is the suspect.


Now Marie wants the truth. But sifting through conflicting details and compelling evidence will require a fearless look into her mother's dark past and a relentless commitment to separating fact from fiction.


And beneath the stories of abuse, addiction, and unresolved trauma, Marie will uncover a long-held family secret. 


A secret that changes everything...


USA TODAY bestselling author Kory M. Shrum makes her foray into nonfiction with this deeply vulnerable memoir. This is a true story about her mother's sudden tragic death under suspicious circumstances, and the tumultuous childhood she shared with her mentally-ill mother. 


But above all, it's about her discovery that no matter how deep the wounds, redemption and forgiveness are always possible--even after death.

The book will include family photos unavailable anywhere else.